Thursday, June 17, 2004

Todo a pulmon (With all my breath)

Que difícil se me hace
mantenerme en este viaje
sin saber a donde voy
en realidad.
Si es de ida o de vuelta,
si el furgón es la primera,
si volver es una forma
de llegar...
How difficult it is
to advance
not really knowing where I'm going.
if I'm going or returning,
if I'm on first class or last class,
if returning is a way to arrive.

Que difícil se me hace
cargar todo este equipaje,
se hace dura la subida
al caminar.
Esta realidad tirana
que se ríe a carcajadas
porque espera que me canse
de buscar...
How difficult it is to me
to keep on draggin all this bagagge,
up the hill.
This tyrant reality
that laughing at me,
wanting me to
stop looking...

Cada nota, cada idea,
cada paso en mi carrera
y la estrofa de mi ultima cancion.
Cada fecha postergada
la salida y la llegada
y el oxigeno de mi respiracion.
Y todo a pulmon,
todo a pulmon.
Each note, each idea,
each step in my carreer
and the lyrics of my last song.
Each posponed date
Leaving or arriving
and the oxygen in my breath.
With all my breath.
All my breath.

Que difícil se me hace
mantenerme con coraje
lejos de la tranza
y la prostitucion.
Defender mi ideología
buena o mala pero mía,
tan humana como la contradicción.
How difficult it is
to have courage
away from selling out and
To defend my ideology
good or bad but mine,
so human like contradiction.

Que difícil se me hace
seguir pagando el peaje
de esta ruta de locura y ambición.
Un amigo en la carrera
una luz, una escalera
y la fuerza de hacer todo a pulmón.
Cada nota, cada idea...
How difficult it is
to keep on paying tolls
in this road of crazines and ambition.
A friend in the race
a light, a ladder
and the strength to do everything
with all my breath.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

How is married life?

Over the past few weeks, ever since we came back from our honeymoon, "how is married life so far?" seems to be the question I get asked the most.

"So far so good." comes naturally as my standard answer. Yet a bit of reflection makes me understand that this is not just a simple cliché comical commentary on the current situation of marriages in the country. This answer has slowly been brewed over years by watching other couples get together, split or sometimes live happily together. The cruel reality of our time.

Yet the cold uncertainty suggested by such an answer is a constant reminder that, in the words of uncle Cesar, relationships work only as good as the work we put on them. Our marriage is “so far so good” not because an inevitable malady has not yet arrived but because we have worked hard, so far, to make it be “good”.

As we move into our second month of marriage all I can hope is that the word ”we”, will keep on creeping into my writing so that the "so far so good" answer keep on comming, naturally, making people smile as the years go by.